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Tanzania by bus

If you want to experience Tanzania close up then travel by bus. Busses in Tanzania are often overloaded with goods and break down frequently along the way. If you don’t mind your timeschedule too much then this is the way to travel. Highly recommended just for the experience alone.

Local minibuses are referred to as dalla dallas. Although usually crammed with people they are an excellent way to cover shorter distances in, and between towns.

The main busservices are run by Scandinavia Express Services. For bus-schedules please check their website.

By rail

There are two companies operating railway services in Tanzania. The Tanzania and Zambia Railway Authority TAZARA and Tanzania Railways Corporation.

From Dar es Salaam you can take the express train to Mbeya. You will be departing on one of the two express trains: The Kilimanjaro or the Mukuba Express.

A ticket for a first class sleeper costs 37000 Tsh (about 35 USD).

The journey officially takes 22 hours.
The express sleepertrain travels through the Selous game park and you can view the magnificent countryside and spot a variety of game such as elephants,giraffe, zebra, gibbons and birdspecies along the route. PLease take care that your luggage and belongings are well looked after, there are lockable metal grilles for this purpose and you can always have your cabin locked by the carriage attendant when you go for a meal..

This railwayjourney certainly deserves high recommendations and is a cheap way to enjoy a safari. 

Tanzania Railways Corporation offers travel on local trains via the Central line: Dar Es Salaam - Dodoma - Tabora -Mwanza/ Kigoma; the Singida line: Dodoma - Manyoni - Singida, and the Mpanda line: Tabora - Kaliua - Mpanda.

There are no trains operating from Dar es Salaam to the north of the country.
People in general are dependant on car-travel and busoperator-services. Information about Fares, timetables and trainschedules can be found on their website.

By Car

If you want to do a self-drive safari in Tanzania, there are many major and local car-rental companies to choose from. Most do not offer unlimited mileage, so calculate your costs carefully beforehand. To rent a car you’ll need an international driving license and a major credit card.

Driving in Tanzania is on the lefthand side of the road. During the rainy season (between December and April) many unsurfaced roads become impassable, particularly in the Southern and Western part of the country. It is advised to always rent a 4X4 vehicle no matter what part of the country you are travelling in. Road conditions in the Northern safari circuit are generally better then elsewhere in the country.

Some of the rental companies to contact are: Green Car Rentals, Africa Point, South Travels.

By Air

There are two airlines operating in the country: Air Tanzania and Precision Air, with daily flights to Dar es Salaam,  Kilimanjaro, Arusha, Bukoba, Kigoma, Mwanza, Shinyanga, Tabora and Zanzibar.


Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar

There is a twice-daily fast luxurious passenger cataramanservice run by
Fast Ferries operated between Dar es Salaam and the island of Zanzibar, departing from Dar es Salaam at 07:15 & from Zanzibar at 16:00, sailing time is approximately 90 minutes.


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